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About Us

Foundation Ambar was established in 2012 in Srednji Magnojevic;,
a village near Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was registered by the Ministry of Justice on November 25, 2012 in Sarajevo. The Founder of the Foundation Ambar is Milenko Lazic.
Foundation Ambar's Management Board consists of Seraina Renz, Branislav Nikolic and Rade Radovanivic;.
The Director of the Foundation Ambar is Maya Minder.

The objectives of the Foundation Ambar

- Support and assistance to young artists, art students and artists,
- Assistance in funding art projects or publications,
- Spreading awareness about the importance of art in society,
- Support for inter-regional artistic and cultural connections,
- Expansion of the international artistic and cultural connections,
- Support cooperation between faculties and schools of art in the country and abroad,
- Oragnition of exhibitions, presentations, symposiums, workshops, art colonies, conferences, roundtables, donor conferences and similar events.

Principles of Foundation Ambar

- Total transparency in bookkeeping,
- Minimum annual administrative expenses

Current Capital Foundation Ambar

6'000 EUR

Founders motivation for the establishment of Foundation Ambar

It is strange, that for the same work, someone can earn in an hour what somebody a few miles away earns for the whole day.

During my 6-month stay in Belgrade in 2008, I regularly went to the store of painting materials in Rajićva Ulica, where each time I boutht material worth about 100 francs. There I saw artist colleagues who, for 2 francs, bought a paper and a pencil.